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Starting with a Passion for Art and Craftsmanship

Our story

Above: Providing our services to a local brewery

 Broad Brook, CT, United States   |  860-462-9103  |

Our company the Basement Screen Printing LLC started when Zack Kocum and John Berardi decided to create a business where we could use both our love for artwork and hands on craftsmanship to create custom apparel.  We started out small, in well... the basment! Where else?  Its in the dwellings of this area though that our passion for apparel grew.  We learned a great deal from our humble beginnings though. We made shirts for local race teams, garages, college events and other local gatherings. Over time though our business has grown and now we provide our services to larger organizations as well as the local community.  As a result we are truly the masters of our craft.